A self-tape intensive.

  • Pris 450/400
  • Startdato 07/09/2020
  • Sluttdato 28/09/2020
  • Starttidspunkt 19:00
  • Sluttidspunkt 21:00


Self awareness and character development along with scene study, will move us into strong technique, the art of self-taping & acting on camera.

Using the American-based Meisner & Method techniques, Kirk Baltz guides you through preparation exercises and feedback for self-tape auditions that stand out. As virtual auditions are more likely to be in our future, the self-tape becomes a major focus in our work.

For four-weeks, work with contemporary screenplay ​BIRDMAN, an assigned  character & scene. We will discover what it means to find our TRUE selves through  character work, self-written monologues & scene study. Self-taping is a major focus  in our work, therefore, Kirk will guide you through what makes these self-tapes stand out to Casting Directors.

  • Upon registration, your first assignment is to read the screenplay thoroughly.
  • Four days prior to the start of the series, you will be assigned a scene &  character(s).At that point, work to be 75% off-book (not memorized) for the  first session.
  • For the first session, write a 60-second monologue for each character in your given  scene (2 self-written monologues). Step into your character’s (2x)  shoes and write from their past or present about something in their life that is  connected to the set
    givens of the screenplay, but are not written/included in  the scrip. Look for the subtext, tell a story. ​Written in first person, talk about a difficult day in their life.
  • During class, you will work on your scene, monologues & technique work.
  • Between sessions, you will be assigned various pieces to work on including self-written pieces & further depth work.

At the end of the series, you will receive a clip of your scene cut from the Zoom recording.Upon registration, you will be sent the screenplay to work from. Scenes from the screenplay BIRDMAN will be assigned upon registration. Scenes are from contemporary, American screenplays. Work in English or your mother-tongue, it is your choice. Scenes and scene partners will be assigned 3 days prior to the start of the course. Sessions are focused on character development, text for auditions and creating strong audition technique that engage interest of Casting Directors & Representation with your self-tape auditions.


  • Read BIRDMAN, the screenplay.
  • Once scenes are assigned, be 75% off-book for the first session- scenes will be sent four prior to the start of the first session.
  • Have 2 self-written monologues prepared based on a difficult day in the  character’s life, pertaining to the scene & both characters in the scene. This  should relate to the story, but not be written anywhere in the original screenplay.

What to bring to the webinar:

– Script.
– Scene.
– Monologues.
– Notebook & writing utensil.
– All electronic resources for the online class.

You will be on a screen, so watch busy patterns & bright colors as they clash with the lighting. Work in your mother-tongue or in English. Kirk will communicate in English for feedback & emails.

Questions or concerns? Email: theactorskitchenadm@gmail.com

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