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Kirk Baltz

Dreamwork for actors

  • Pris 1800/1650
  • Sted Webinar
  • Startdato 15/02/2023
  • Sluttdato 08/03/2023
  • Starttidspunkt 19:00
  • Sluttidspunkt 21:00

Kursbeskrivelsen er på engelsk, da kursets arbeidsspråk er engelsk.

In this international webinar, which spans over 4 two-hour sessions, you will be working with creative dreamwork to create more authentic work as an actor. The goal is for you to discover a different and more intuitive way of working with a script and character.

Critical thinking in our creative work can be relentless. There’s an antidote; it’s our subconscious. Within each of us resides a wellspring of crystal-clear intuition.

Dreamwork affords us the opportunity to stop, breathe and make organic discoveries that resonate with unbridled imagination. What I think I should do as an actor becomes what I could do. Dreamwork unleashes our creativity at its core.

Many of us think dreams are complicated and inaccessible, when in fact our dreams often send us simple and direct messages leading to deeply intuitive, insightful and authentic work.

About the Workshop
During the class we will work with elements from your dreams to enliven your monologue. The process will be rooted in dreamwork, character development and presentation.

1. Choose a monologue from a film that you’ve worked on before or that you’ve always wanted to work on.
2. Before the first class, complete this following assignment (click the link to read the assignment).

About Dreamwork
Sandra Seacat, a renowned acting teacher with roots in Method Acting — which encourages performers to bring in their personal experiences when building a character — introduced dream work to the American film and theatre industry in the 70s and 80s. Today it is common practice. (Read article: Why Everyone in Hollywood is Doing Dream Work)

Kirk Baltz on Dreamwork
We spend our waking lives wanting immediate fixes and answers to questions having nothing to do with what’s really happening. We avoid, overthink, analyze and plan as creatives and civilians. It’s fucking exhausting.

What we call “nightmares” are really nothing more than our subconscious saying “hey, take a look at this”. We discover solutions when we get curious and engage in open conversations with images and symbols from our dreams. They tell us what we need (not want) and then help us get to the “how» of it all. The «whys» don’t matter.

We cannot step into the shoes of a character we are looking to reveal until we find the willingness to reveal who “we” are. When asked “how do you feel?” it’s no longer “do you mean me or my character?”

I have had countless experiences getting lost in the magic of Dreamwork while working on a film or tv show, and have helped many actors to swim in the same ocean. When we come back to the waking world, the inner self is better understood and trusted.

– Kirk Baltz