Illustrasjonbilde for kurs, bilde av dame som danser

Karen Torley og Zoe Ramsey

Figur i Fossekleiva: Beyond Words

  • Pris 750
  • Sted Fossekleiva
  • Dato 10/10/2024
  • Starttidspunkt 10:00
  • Sluttidspunkt 17:00

A playful workshop, exploring the relationship between puppetry, dance and movement.
We invite you to take part in this workshop where we will engage in different games and exercises using group improvisation techniques, ensemble work, puppetry and object theatre. By combining puppetry and dance, this workshop offers a unique and engaging way to spark creativity, explore visual storytelling and celebrate the power of movement and imagination.
This is a creative and fun 1 day workshop exploring all the possibilities these dynamic art forms can have together. A day of exploration, creation, and sharing.

Experienced facilitators Karen Torley (Puppeteer and Director of Banyan Theatre) and Zoe Ramsey (Dancer and Teacher of Echo Echo Dance Theatre) will lead you to express your creativity – beyond words.


Practical information

We ask the participants to wear loose and comfortable clothing for the workshop.
The workshop has a limit of 14 participants.



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