A Tarumba

Figur i Fossekleiva: Shadow Puppetry

  • Pris 750
  • Sted Fossekleiva
  • Dato 13/10/2023
  • Starttidspunkt 10:00
  • Sluttidspunkt 16:00

Kursbeskrivelsen er på engelsk, da kursets arbeidsspråk er engelsk.

A workshop for students and professionals with the excellent artists Rute Ribeiro and Luis Vieira, Artistic directors of A Tarùmba company and Fimfa festival in Lisboa.

The workshop is intended to be a laboratory of research and experimentation under The Shadow Theatre, with the main objective of demonstrating the specificity of this millennial form of theatre, its deep particularities, its own register of sensitivities and emotions.

The participants are invited to experiment and enter in the world of light and shadows. The shadows produced with the body, the hands, the puppets, and also with objects, mirrors and even the use of paintings. The Shadow Theatre allows to address an infinity of themes, from the most serious and pedagogical ones to the most poetical or funny ones.

Workshop fee includes lunch and Festival pass.



Buss 91 fra Drammen til Berger skole eller buss 93 fra Sande til Berger gård, eller med bil. FiF vil også hente workshopdeltagere på Drammen stasjon om morgenen etter avtale.


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