Bush Hartshorn

Giving and receiving feedback

  • Pris Gratis
  • Sted Oslo
  • Startdato 25/10/2022
  • Sluttdato 28/10/2022
  • Starttidspunkt 10:00
  • Sluttidspunkt 17:00

What is it about?

  • This workshop provides a toolkit for giving and receiving feedback in your work, through learning by doing
  • The workshop touches upon the mechanisms of communication drawing on Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Non Violent Communication (NVC) and Coaching practices.
  • There will also be an introduction and practice in a shared feedback methodology based on the Liz Lerman Critical Response.
  • The aim is to create interesting ideas and dialogue around the making and showing of art works, hoping to build confidence in navigating the terrain of receiving opinion and feedback, to increase your ability to be a more supportive colleague, witness, friend and audience member. Participants are asked to bring phrases of movement, texts, ideas, objects etc that they would like to receive feedback on.


Who is it for?
Anybody who is involved in giving feedback to others: choreographers, dancers, actors, performance artists, dramaturgs/mentors, producers, programmers.

What can be the possible outcomes?

  • Increased awareness of the role of the feedback process in an artists development and some hows and whens to consider utilising such practices.
  • With increased clarity can come increased confidence, sense of purpose, efficiency of action and increased levels of a sense of responsibility.


When will it be?

  • Tuesday 25th – Friday 28th of October 2022 from 10.00 – 17.00 at Dansens Hus


How to apply?

  • You can apply here
  • Send in:
    a motivation letter (max one page, in English).
    info about your work and what work you would like to bring with you to the workshop. (max one page, in English).
    your CV (max one page, in English)

The application is open until we´ve reached the maximum number of participants.

Participants will be selected by written motivation and diversity in the group. It is important that the participants commit 4 whole days to the whole program.

The workshop will be in English, so participants need a good working knowledge of the language.


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