Voice Acting Skills for the International Market

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  • Dato 26/09/2022
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Søknadsfrist: 25. sep 2022

Video games are the largest and fastest growing sector of the entertainment industry, comprising more revenue than film and music combined. Coupled with the explosion of content created by streaming services such as Netflix, Disney, and Amazon, the demand for international voices in gaming, dubbing and animation is growing daily. Giving the best performance for these entertainment products, however, requires more than quirky voices. Actors must be able to give performances that inhabit characters with emotional life that engages audiences, regardless of the language or the medium.

What does this mean for you? Why do video game acting skills best prepare actors for all other aspects of voice acting? Why are video game actors getting the majority of dubbing work? How have acting standards in story-driven VO changed to be less like animation? What are the big production companies looking for when casting voice actors?

In this one-hour webinar, Randall Ryan and Gillian Brashear, voice directors and casting directors with the VO production company HamsterBall, will answer these questions and more. For 25 years HamsterBall has been creating all aspects of VO direction and production, with gaming taking up the largest footprint.

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