Sheila Gray

Acting for Camera

  • Pris 2000/1850
  • Startdato 11/10/2021
  • Sluttdato 14/10/2021
  • Starttidspunkt 10:00
  • Sluttidspunkt 17:00
Søknadsfrist: 29. aug 2021

Det er med tungt hjerte at vi har besluttet å utsette dette kurset. Det er per i dag ikke mulig for kursholder å komme til Norge på grunn av smitterestriksjoner og innreiseregler, da hun bor i USA.
Vi prøver å få til kurset ved en senere anledning. De som allerede har søkt på kurset vil da få beskjed.

“Sheila is a wonderful acting coach. She worked with all the actors on “A Bronx Tale. ” Sheila is able to prepare and rehearse the actors while keeping the scenes fresh and spontaneous. She was great to have on set. I am always happy to recommend her.” Robert De Niro, Actor/Director 

This intensive 4 day ACTING FOR CAMERA- METHOD MASTER CLASS is designed to allow performers of all levels to hone their skills and deepen their technique through a range of exercises that are directly applied to cold readings, structured improvisations, scenes and monologues, and audition material.

Sheila Gray’s approach is modern and Method-based, and it employs sensory work, active imagination, moment-to-moment and given-circumstance exercises.

Each class opens with either:

a) an active relaxation using music, dance, and creative sound and movement
b) a receptive relaxation involving breathing, stretching, verbalization and guided visualization.

Both forms engender a creative, open state and provide actors with a clear roadmap to guide them through the next stage of work: the direct application of their technique to material either they bring in themselves, or that they choose from among scenes we provide.

In addition to these exercises and application, all students participate in script and character analysis, and offer and receive feedback, both from me and their peers.

During the first class, students are assigned partners and scenes/sides-for those wishing to work on text, which will be performed throughout the course of the workshop. They will have the opportunity to perform their scenes/sides several times; incorporating the exercises, new tools and feedback they have received.

Newcomers gain a foundation of good, solid technique and a methodology applicable to any future work. More experienced participants expand their foundation in new and inspiring ways.

I look forward to embarking on this exciting journey with you and thank you in advance for your participation, enthusiasm and passionate work.


“Sheila Gray is one of the best acting teachers and coaches working today. I always know when I send someone to her that not only will they have a great time, they will come out a better actor.” – Ellen Chenoweth, Casting Director/ The Bridges of Madison County, No Country for Old Man, Doubt, Inside Llewyn Davis


Included in this workshop Sheila will also give an overview of how the acting markets function in America-mainly NYC and LA. There are many ways actors can prepare and become familiar with the American market in anticipation of visiting, and we will touch on all of those.


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