Creative Storytelling
med Simon T. Rann

Søknadsfrist 29. jan
Dato 27. feb – 2. mar
Pris 1850/1750 kr
Tid 10:00 - 17:00

Om Workshop

Kursbeskrivelsen er på engelsk, da kursets arbeidsspråk er engelsk.

This workshop is an exploration of alternative ways to create original theatre through storytelling. It aims to unlock your personal resources in a fun and creative environment, and by working with your memories, your body, your voice and your unique imagination to tell your stories.

Participants will be exposed to a unique understanding of what theatre can be, and will be given tools to creating theatre that arise from the stories and experiences we all already carry inside of ourselves.

A typical day begins with a physical warm-up, followed by some movement work designed to be fun, to break down movement habits and free creativity. Participants will then be asked to dig into their pasts for emotional “souvenirs”. From these souvenirs, the souvenirs of other participants, or a given text, participants either work alone, in pairs or in small groups, and are given specific creative parameters from which to create stories. They will then be asked to present these to each other.
Feedback will be given, and discussions evolve around the objectives of the various exercises throughout the workshop.

Workshop language: English, but it is possible (though less desirable) for participants to speak their native language during the exercises.

Participants should wear comfortable loose fitting clothing that allows freedom of movement, and have paper and pens or pencils to take notes.

Medlemmer i Norsk Skuespillerforbund får redusert kursavgift.


Simon T. Rann is an Australian performer, teacher, director and writer of theatre who lives in Nice, France. His training for the stage is eclectic and his experience extensive, but at its core is a 23-year partnership with visual theatre master Philippe Genty and his wife Mary Underwood, which has seen Simon performing with the Philippe Genty Company over 1,000 times in more than 40 different countries. Simon continues to work on stage as a performer for various companies, but he now also has his own company, Cie de L’Être, through which he works as a writer and director, exploring alternative approaches to the creation of original theatre. Simon also has regular requests for workshops, and he teaches in many parts of the world.


The workshop is open to performers from all performance disciplines (dancers, actors, circus performers etc.) who have some professional experience.


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Søknadsfrist 29. jan
Dato 27. feb – 2. mar
Pris 1850/1750 kr
Tid 10:00 - 17:00