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  • Startdato 07/10/2020
  • Sluttdato 10/10/2020

We are thrilled that we can offer you this exclusive opportunity to attend a workshop with the world renowned and highly acclaimed performer, director and theatre teacher David Glass (UK). Only two places available! 

This is your moment to immerse into physical and devised theatre work, together with Scandinavian colleagues, in wonderful Copenhagen.

The 4-day workshop with David Glass will give participants a practical approach to physical and devised theatre, and tools to achieve a greater presence on stage. Working through the Five Stages of Creative practice Method developed by David Glass himself will help you achieve greater, clearer and stronger presence and versatility on stage.

The Five Stages
The five stages gives the participant a practical approach to physical and devised theatre, and gives the artist concrete tools to achieve a stronger presence on stage.

The workshop trains through five modes:

  1. Tools
  2. Skills
  3. Attitudes
  4. Behaviour
  5. Quality of Person.

The participants will come away with real tools, skills and insights that they can use immediately in any creative setting.
The workshop will strengthen the participants self-awareness as an artist. You will as participant gain clear insight in a practical approach to physical theatre and devising.

You will walk away from this workshop clearer, lighter and sharper.

David Glass is one of the world’s great theatre teachers – Mike Alfreds, founder of Shared Experience

About David Glass and his teaching
David Glass is an extraordinary teacher. He uses ‘integrative learning’ circles to help participants include what they already know into new ways of seeing, experiencing and reflecting. He sees learning not as an ‘outcome’ but part of a holistic process that grows throughout a creative life.

David Glass has performed, directed and taught in over sixty countries. Trained at the Lecoq School in Paris, he has worked as a soloist performing in forty countries then establishing the David Glass Ensemble winning international awards including TMA award for best director.  All of David Glass’ teaching is rooted in practical tool and skill theatre learning, developed over a life time of training thousands of students around the world.

Let us fail at excellence, not succeed at mediocrity – David Glass on learning


Practical information

  • The workshop takes place at The Danish National School of Performing Arts’ department in Copenhagen.
  • We have access to good hotel deals. (Approximately DKK 800,- per night.)
  • You cover travel-, diet- and travel costs.
  • You can apply Skuespillersenteret for at travel grant up to NOK 2000,-

NB! Make sure you are up to date with the guide lines for travelling to Sjælland, Denmark. They keep changing. 

The workshop is a collaboration with The Danish National School of Performing Arts Further Education.


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