David Glass Masterclass

  • Pris 1950
  • Sted København
  • Startdato 21/02/2023
  • Sluttdato 24/02/2023
  • Starttidspunkt 09:30
  • Sluttidspunkt 16:30
Søknadsfrist: 10. jan 2023

We are more than thrilled to announce that the acclaimed theatre practitioner, teacher and director David Glass once again will conduct a masterclass in Scandinavia. This time in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Devised theatre now sits at the heart of modern theatre practice. Here the actor /performer as a collaborative maker is central. This masterclass is a must for any performer or company wishing to develop their own work. The course is rigours, playful and practical. Over the four days, the participants will learn the fundamentals of Devised Theatre and will come away with tools and skills they can use immediately in creating work.

David Glass has been one of the worlds pioneers in this expanding area and has influenced the work of Complicite, Gecko Theatre, DV8 , Otheatre and many artists theatre  companies and creative organisations around the world including the UN, The Chinese Ministry of Education, Save the Children and leading corporate trainers.

David Glass is one of the world’s great theatre teachers

– Mike Alfred’s founder of Shared Experience

Content of workshop
The participants will explore the tools of eliciting, image-making, emergence, story structure and theme, to develop skills in the creation of original and authentic theatre.

Integrating at a foundational level David Glass’s celebrated five stage Creative Practice: Alchemy of the Extraordinary .

  • Preparation
  • Origination
  • Organisation
  • Manifestation
  • Reflection


The participants will learn experientially the tools and frameworks for original theatre making.
Key areas will be:

  • Ensemble and group  creative practice
  • Emerging material
  • Analysis of material-ideas, image, dramatic situations, character, expressive mediums
  • The arc of choosing material: Interesting, Resonant, Relevant and Appropriate.
  • The Creative triangle tension of Artist, Art and The World
  • And theatre being Evocation, Provocation and Invocation
  • And the organic relationship of Story, Drama, Design and Music/Sound.

On the last day they will apply their learning to the making of a piece of work based on the principles.

Let us fail at excellence not succeed at mediocrity

– David Glass on learning

For those that have already studied his Alchemy of the Extraordinary: Five Stage Creative Practice this is a natural continuation of that work. For those that haven’t a summery of the practice will occur on the first day.

Language: English. Please bring loose fitting clothes for moving comfortably around in and an open heart and mind…


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